Amazon Jungle Tambopata

The Tambopata National Reserve is located in the southwestern Peruvian Amazon region, covering over one million square hectares. The high biological diversity includes 575 species of birds, 1,200 species of butterflies, 103 types of mammals, and 94 species of fish. The Tambopata River is home to intact populations of giant river otter, South American bush dog, black cayman, and Harpy Eagle – all currently threatened with extinction– thus the reserve is an important place, and considered one of the world’s richest ecosystems.

Another of Tambopata’s attractions is the richness of its flora, as nearly 1,400 species of plants exist in the area, including valuable forest species such as cedar, tornillo, Brazil nut, and palm trees such as the pona, aguaje, huasaí, and ungurahui. Tourism in the protected area is concentrated around the Tambopata River and the lower Madre de Dios River.